3 essential stages for the study of maps and sketches in geography

3 Essential Stages  for the Study of Maps and Sketches in Geography!

There are three stages of the study of the maps. Really speaking these stages are equally important and useful for the study of maps as well.

First Stage:

This is the stage when the student begins getting acquainted with the things of this environment. He makes an effort to observe things of the nature that is around him. He continues to do it consciously. While going to school from his home he observes various things on the way.


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If he lives in a village he sees the fields and the process of sowing and harvesting that is going on in them. He also sees the change of the weather and the season. If he lives in the city he sees the various industries that come across him. Similarly it is possible for him to get acquainted with the geographical factors with the help of maps.

It is, therefore, necessary for the teacher to strength his experiences. It is also his duty to widen his experiences. These experiences that he gains by coming in contact with the local environments can be used for furthering the knowledge of Geography.

This knowledge can serve as a background for the understanding of the various principles. Thus the teacher of Geography should use the maps in such a way that the knowledge of the local Geography may be strengthened and this knowledge may form the basis for furthering the knowledge.


Second stage:

This is the stage when the real responsibility and the work of the students begin. At this stage it is not sufficient only to hint at or indicate the maps. It is essential to provide the solid know­ledge to the students.

This solid knowledge requires that different geographical facts be actually shown on the maps. Students be so equipped that they may gain the knowledge of the various geographi­cal facts on the basis of their presentation on the maps.

The teacher should make an attempt and try to make students capable of realizing that the maps present certain natural facts. It is possible that this process may take some time but it is essential for the proper under­standing and realization of Geography. Then the students should also start drawing maps of their own.


Third stage:

At this stage the students come to realize that maps are nothing but symbolic presentation of the realities of life. Now he starts furthering this knowledge with the help of the symbolic knowledge already gained.

With the help of these symbols he starts getting acquainted with new things. No doubt he is well aware of these symbols and hints. It is, therefore, essential to have a scientific and proper study of the maps.

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