5 different ways of teaching geography at secondary stage

Different ways of teaching geography at secondary stage are:

When the students reach the secondary classes they become mature and have also become intelligent. At this maturity and intelligence level they can establish cause and effect relationship.

At this age the psychological requirements are different and for them we should give a properly organized and scientifically planned syllabus and a good method of teaching be used.

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The curriculum at this stage should be complete in itself and it should be such as to be capable of focusing the attention of the child on certain geographical problems. It must be able to develop the power of imagination, reasoning and judgement in the child.

At this stage only such topics, which satisfy the above requirements be included in syllabus. Given below are some of the guiding principles for teaching of geography at the secondary stage.

(i) Teacher should make an attempt to strengthen the previous knowledge of the students.

(ii) Students at this stage are taught principles and facts of geography as also the geographical conditions of the people of various countries. They should also be explained the action and interaction between nature and man.


(iii) They are taught in such a way as to increase the world brotherhood.

(iv) They should be made interested in geography and be trained to grow into useful citizens.

(v) They are trained in the use of maps, charts, globe, atlas etc.

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