6 main points that a teacher should keep in this mind while taking students for travels and excursions

Main points that a teacher should keep in this mind while taking students for travels and excursions are as follows:

(1) Discipline should be maintained while the students are going out. It can be done easily if the teacher continues to direct students properly and provide them an opportunity to see things in the proper perspective.

If the students get interested in their observation they shall not be indiscipline.

(2) While the students are being taken out to excursions they be made comfortable. For this they should be lodged properly and given proper food. If the students are not physically comfortable their mind shall not work properly and it shall not be possible for them to acquire knowledge in the proper manner.

(3) The teacher should direct the students in proper mingier he should explain the importance of each and every that the students have seen. He may also explain v uC1 things are used for map drawing and which things are useful for charts etc.

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(4) After the excursions or travels the teacher should the particular chapter that may have bearing of excursion or the travel. Such a reading will strengthen experience and give a solid foundation to the knolled

(5) Students should invariably be asked and encourage to carry a note book with them while they go excursions. They should also be encouraged to note important things. Such things shall be useful in 11C class-room and proper study of the subject.

(6) While on excursion the students should be encourage collect things that are of geographical importance collection should be lodged in the Geography such a collection by the students would develop in the love for museum.

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