6 types of stories that may be narrated while teaching geography

It is also known as Narrative method or descriptive method. In this method geographical facts are presented in the form of a story.

In this method it is not possible to impart the element of character, plot, style etc. which characterize any literary story.

Moreover it is not possible to present the entire perspective of human life in these stories. Because of these limitations this method is quite descriptive and narrative.

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Following types of stories may be narrated in teaching of geography.

(i) Stories depicting the life of people of various countries.

(ii) Stories connected with the animals and geographical environment of different countries.

(iii) Stories of different discoveries such as Columbus, Vasco de Gama etc.


(iv) Stories of travels and excursions.

(v) Stories about conquest of man over nature.

(vi) Stories concerning human activities in the background of geographical factors.

Some educationists are quite apprehensive about the utility of this method for teaching of geography. In their opinion when the undeveloped minds are told the stories connected with the life of foreign countries they may not be able to grasp them entirely. Thus the stories and the knowledge contained them have little or no utility in such a case.


This method is quite useful for students of primary classes where we do not teach the geography of the world or of foreign countries. In lower classes we teach the geography of our country or the state.

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