7 important criteria for conducting a good examination in geography

Though a variety of tests are available to test the functional under­standing of the child but for true assessment of such aspects of growth as the elements of reflective thinking, scientific attitudes, resource­fulness, creativeness or such other objectives or interests we require more precise and accurate instruments of evaluation.

According to most of the psychologists and educationalists the following are essential criteria of satisfactory evaluation.

1. Validity:

Any good test should measure what it claims to measure.

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2. Reliability:

A good test is one that is reliable i.e. it gives same rating to a candidate even if he is examined by different examiners and even at different times.

3. Objectivity:


A test can be considered objective if the scoring of the test is not affected in any way by the examiner’s personal judgment. Thus the opinion, bias or judgment of the examiner can have no influence on the results of an objective test.

4. Comprehensiveness:

By comprehensiveness of a test we mean that it covers the whole or nearly the whole course content and the questions are uniformly distributed to cover the course content.

5. Practicability:


A test is called practicable if it can be easily administered and is acceptable to average examiners. While preparing such a test, the time and cost of administration must be taken into consideration. The test should be usable and should serve a demote need in the situation in which it is used.

6. Interpretability:

A test can be considered as interpretable if its score can be used and interpreted in terms of a common base having natural or accepted meaning.

7. Easy to Administer:

A good test should be easy to administer so definite provision be made for collection and preparation of test material. It should give simple, clear and precise instructions.

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