7 main drawbacks of inductive method in teaching geography

Main drawbacks of inductive method in teaching geography are:

(i) It is limited in range and cannot be used in solving and understanding all the topics in geography.

(ii) The generalization obtained from a few observations is not the complete study of the topic. To fix the topic in the mind of the learner a lot of supplementary work and practice is needed.

(iii) Inductive reasoning is not absolutely conclusive. The generalization has been done from the study of a few (three or four) cases. The process thus establishes certain degree of probability which can be increased by increasing the number of valid cases.

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(iv) This method needs a lot of time and energy and thus it is time consuming and laborious method.

(v) This method is not found to be suitable in higher classes because some of the unnecessary details and explanations may make teaching dull and boring.

(vi) The use of this method should be restricted and confined to understanding the rules in the early stages.


(vii) This method may be considered complete and prefect only if the generalization arrived at by induction can be verified through deductive method.

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