8 advantages of lecture method in teaching geography are given below

8 advantages of lecture method in teaching geography are given below:

(i) It is quite economical method. It is possible to handle a large number of students at a time and no laboratory, equipment, aids, materials are required.

(ii) Using this method the knowledge can be imparted to the students quickly and the prescribed syllabus can be covered in a short time.

(iii) It is quite attractive and easy to follow. Using this method teacher feels secure and satisfied.

(iv) It simplifies the task of the teacher as he dominates the lesson for 70-85% of the lesson time and students just listen to him.

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(v) Using this method it is quite easy to impart factual information and historical anecdotes.

(vi) By following this method teacher can develop his own style of teaching and exposition.

(vii) In this method teacher can easily maintain the logical sequence of the subject by planning his lectures in advance. It minimizes the chances of any gaps or overlapping.


(viii) Some good lectures delivered by the teacher may motivate, instigate, inspire a student for some creative thinking.

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