8 main limitations of the deductive method in teaching Geography

Main limitations of deductive method in teaching are listed below:

(i) It is not a scientific method.

(ii) It encourages rote memory because pure deductive work requires some law principle, formula for every type of problem and it demands blind memorization of large number of such laws/formulas etc.

(iii) Being an unscientific method it does not impart any training in scientific method.

(iv) It causes unnecessary and heavy burden on the brain which may sometimes results in brain fag.

MCB 61 Spring 2011

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(v) In this method memory becomes more important than understanding and intelligence which is educationally not sound.

(vi) It is an unpsychological method because the facts and principles are not found by students themselves.

(vii) In this method student cannot become active learners.


(viii) It is not suitable for development of thinking, reasoning and discovery.

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