8 principles that should be kept in mind while using a pictures in teaching of geography

Principles that should be kept in mind for using a pictures in teaching of geography are:

The following principles are kept in mind for successful use of pictures for teaching of geography.

1. Keep an index and a file of pictures.

2. Large pictures be got mounted on wooden frame of ply­wood and small pictures be got mounted on butter muslin. It helps to minimize the wear and tear of pictures.


3. Use some projecting machine when you want to display a small size picture.

4. The teacher should explain to the students the things to be studied in a picture.

PGCE Geography picture gallery – Oxford University Department of ...

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5. Students are allowed free access to the pictures.


6. After showing a picture the teacher should ask questions which would help to strengthen the knowledge of students and would also sharpen their memory and enrich their imagination.

7. Pictures should be bold, direct and sufficiently large.

8. Pictures should not be over loaded with information rather they should stick to the maximum ‘one picture’, one idea’.

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