9 merits of demonstration method in teaching geography

Merits of demonstration method in teaching geography are given below:

(i) It is an economical method as compared to purely student centered approaches.

(ii) It is a psychological method and students take active interest in teaching learning process.

(iii) It leads students from concrete to abstract situations and thus is more psychological.

(iv) It is a suitable method if the apparatus to be handled is costly and sensitive. Such an apparatus is likely to damage if handled by students.

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(v) This method is safe.

(vi) In comparison to Heuristic method, project etc., it is time saving but lecture method is too speedy.

(vii) It can be used successfully for all types of students.


(viii) In this method such experiments which are difficult for students can be included.

(ix) This method can be used to impart manual and manipulative skills to students.

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