A good Geography teacher should keep a diary because of the following reason

Geography teacher should keep a diary because of the following reason:

Just like other teachers the geography teacher should also keep a diary.

In this diary the record of syllabus drawn up by geography teacher is maintained it should clearly indicate the particulars of quarterly and weekly distribution of work.

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A copy of the time-table is also kept in diary. The time table should clearly show the distribution of available time for (i) class room teaching (ii) projects and other allied activities and (iii) outdoor activities (excursions, visits etc.).

A record of daily work be entered in the diary regularly and it should be dated. In keeping this daily record teacher should clearly mention the details of lecture-cum-demonstration work, individual work and any such other details.

He should also enter in his diary (i) those parts of the proposed work that have been accomplished (ii) those parts of the proposed work that could not be accomplished and (iii) any other extra work that has been attempted.

The diary should also show the details of written work, questions set. Entries of any comments on assignments and practical work must also find a place in teacher’s diary.


If possible teacher should also mention the mistakes that were committed by a majority of students. Such an entry will be helpful to the teacher and he can explain these mistakes to the class.

The results of class tests and house examinations must also be recorded in teacher’s diary. Geography teacher can also keep a record of apparatus etc. to be ordered for his reference in his diary. Such a record will be quite useful for him when he is placing the orders at the beginning of the year.

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