Distribution and Characteristics of Tundra Soils


Along Polar margins in Tundra region

MrOgren - G. Tundra Soils

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1. Little profile differentiation. Reason: Soil moisture remains frozen for a greater part of the year and frost heaving occurs.

2. Chemical and organic changes are slow. Reason: low temperature condition.

3. Soil reaction is acidic. Reason: Slow decomposition of organic matter.

4. Soil texture: Sandy clay, along with raw humus or peat. Reason: Slow decomposition of organic matter, incomplete weathering.


5. Soil Structure: Angular blocky.

6. Fertility Status: Low. Reason: Inherent climatic and parental limitations.

7. A region of permafrost and frost heaving. Reason: low temperature.

8. Water logging during summer. Reason: release ground melt-water.

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