Essay on Components of the Ecosystem

Biotic Component


Radiant energy is received from the Sun in the form of electromagnetic radiation.

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In accordance with the second law of thermodynamics energy flows one way through an ecosystem it is degraded to heat and passes into the environment and eventually back into space.

Physical factors

i. Temperature, light, winds, humidity, ocean currents, rainfall that are created when solar energy interacts with the organic and inorganic chemicals in the ecosystem.

ii. Chemicals^Inorganic substances (water, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, C02, essential minerals).


iii. Organic substances (Protein, carbohydrate, lipids, vitamins and other complex chemicals).

Biotic Component Producers (Plants or autotrophs)

These are plants ranging in size from tiny floating phytoplankton (algae, diatoms) to big trees.

Macroconsumers (Animals or heterotrophs)


Include those organisms who do not manufacture their own food.

These include Herbivores (Plant eaters), Carnivores (meat eaters), Omnivores (generalists), and pigs, rats, humans, decomposers (Micro consumers Saptrotorphs).

Tiny organisms: bacteria, fungi and some protozoa that break down the bodies and complex compounds in the dead animals and plants into simpler substances. This process releases these chemicals in a simple form for reuse.

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