Essay on Mesolithic age

Mesolithic age lasted from 11,000 to 9,000 years ago and also marked the beginning of Holocine period.

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Man made significant advances in the mid or Mesolithic Age which separated the upper Paleolithic times from the Neolithic (New Stone) Age. In this age, the glaciers were shrinking and the areas formerly covered by ice were gradually becoming thickly forested.

Big dog was domesticated by man and it helped him in hunting game.


The Mesolithic age is marked by wide use of small tools known as microliths, some of which were used as spearheads and arrow-heads.

The Mesolithic people also used the sledge as a means of transport over snow and ice; they harvested the food-grains which grew wild in some regions.

Gradually the early states of agriculture developed and man could sow and resow the same plot of land until the soil lost its fertility and then shifted to new area for cultivation.

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