Essay on Neolithic age

Neolithic age started when man had completely adopted the Mesolithic invention of agriculture. In this age, his life was so completely transformed that the age is termed the ‘Neolithic Revolution’.

At the same time, man was no longer compelled to move from place to place to seek areas where game was plentiful. He could now keep large herds of cattle, which he could always kill for food. Agriculture, thus, paved the way for a life.

The settlements were generally near the fields, which the people cultivated. These settlements gradually developed into villages and even small fortified towns, which helped them to protect themselves and their animals from wild beasts.

Neolithic culture, which started in Asia, spread much later to Europe.


It was, easy for agricultural people to domesticate animals and feed them on the husks of the grain that were left after threshing. In any event, sheep and goats, pigs and cattle and later, horses and asses were tamed and kept in pens.

Man, thus, obtained food from the soil and also from animals. The practice which combines agriculture with the raising of animals known as ‘mixed framing’.

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Grain storage bins have thus, been found even in the earliest Neolithic settlements.


Neolithic tools are distinguished from the Palaeolithic chiefly on account of their higher utility and more skilful construction. An important tool.of the Neolithic times was the polished stone celt.

The Neolithic man also started making use of bone and antler for making tools like needles and harpoons.

During Neolithic man got the idea of making and baking pottery. Man became a creator. He could turn clay into stone.

Among the remains of the earliest Neolithic village in west Asia, we find the beginnings of a textile industry. Clothes woven of linen, cotton and would have started replacing skins and skirts of leaves.


Cotton was grown in the Indus valley soon after 3000 B.C. wool was used in Iran about the same time.

Settled life and cultivation gave man leisure; he had no longer to think always of getting food. During spare time he could make stone tools, hoes, or posts and weave cloth some people spared from

Points for Revision

1. The cultural e^6ltitien §f mart may be divided into three parts-Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.

2. In Palaeolithic, man acquired the skill of making tools that comprised hand axes, choppers and flake implements.

3. Hunting and gathering was the main occupation during Palaeolithic age.

4. Other characteristics of Palaeolithic age included-the beginning of community life and painting in the caves.

5. The Mesolithic is marked by wide use of tools known as microliths. Practice of shifting cultivation, use of sledge as a means of transportation.

Neolithic Age started when man had completely adopted the Mesolithic invention of agriculture.

7. During Neolithic agriculture became more settled and this led to the first settlements which later developed into towns and fortified settlements. Livestock farming started giving rise to mixed farming.

8. The Neolithic man started making use of bone and antler for making tools like needles and harpoons. Besides, baskets were made, weaving started and lots of spare time lead to division of labour.

9. Evidence has been found of Neolithic people having belief in totems. Worship started and the burial places were marked by megaliths.

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