How did the migration of different people into India help in the enrichment of Indian culture ?

Migration of different people into India help in enrichment of Indian Culture:

  • The people of India have been formed as a result of migration over thousands of years. The ethnic groups, which finally settled in India, include Indo-European speaking people (Aryans), Persians, the Greeks, the Kushanas, the Shakas, the Huns, the Arabs, the Turks etc.
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  • These racial and ethnic groups have intermingled with one another. They have all contributed to the making of Indian History and culture.
  • The people from other countries brought with them their own culture and traditions which got intermixed and integrated with the pre­existing traditions of our country making it more enriched.
  • Our monuments, various art forms, paintings, literature, language, architecture and reli­gious beliefs are examples of enriched culture of India due to the migration of people here.
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