How to teach world geography to students?

Teach world geography to students:

For teaching the geography of the world teacher should keep in mind the various physical divisions of the world.

An effort is made to explain the geographical conditions of different countries on the basis of this division.

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Psychological factors must also be kept in view while teaching the geography of the world. Our emphasis should be on those factors which enable the student to understand how geographical factors have influenced life.

Comparative method is better to teach the geography, of the world. Both story telling method and compara­tive method are used at this stage of education.

In addition to a combination of these two methods, the other methods of teaching like the narrative method or descriptive method may also be used if the situation so demands.

In comparative method a comparison is made about the climate conditions, physical conditions, formation of the surface, vegetation, agricultural products, industry, commerce etc. of different physical divisions of the world.


If geography teaching is accomplished in this way it helps the students to realize the unity of world. When students find a similarity in geographical features of their country with those of some other country they feel nearness (oneness) with the people of that country. Such a feeling is very important to achieve world brotherhood.

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