Importance of maps and charts in teaching of geography are as follows

Importance of maps and charts in teaching of geography are as follows:

Some of these topics have been dealt with in the chapter on ‘teaching aids in geography’ but because of their importance they are taken up again in this chapter in a detailed manner.

“No geography teacher will question the value of maps In Geography teaching. Maps are in fact indispensable. They are required in the study of most topics of regional Geography, such as position, relief, climate, natural vegetation, minerals, and the distribution of population, towns, industries, and communications.”

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Importance maps in geography

Prof. E.A. Macnee in his book entitled, “Teacher of Geography,” has laid a good deal of stress on mpas. These maps form a part of the teaching aids and the scheme of the teaching of Geography. In fact maps and charts are very important and it is quite essential to treat them separately.

Maps are very useful in giving a realistic picture of the subject matter to the students. Geographical facts and geographical factors cannot be explained properly without the help of the maps.

In the maps we have the geographical factors like situation, climate, produce, agricultural products, population etc. Maps and charts are concrete methods of explaining abstract facts.


These maps and charts add to the educational value of the room and make the subject interesting and attractive. With the help of the maps and charts the teacher can explain the things easily and quickly.

It is also possible to teach the subject with these maps in a more scientific and psychological manner. In fact maps form an integral part of the teaching of Geography. It is therefore necessary to have a clear idea about them as well.

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