Limitation of regional method in teaching geography are as follows

Limitation of regional method in teaching geography are as follows:

(i) The boundaries of natural regions are not very clearly defined and one region therefore merges into another.

(ii) Sometimes we miss the smaller region while paying full attention to the broader regions. In this way a very vital point is neglected.

(iii) It is not possible to have a final division and regional basis.

If the world as a whole is to be studied then it be done through regions and if any part of world is to be studied it then it be studied under various heads such as structure, relief, climate etc. already discussed.

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After reading the regional geography of 2 or 3 countries the students be asked to take up an independent study of some other countries with the help of a good atlas. The regional method lends itself to independent study and it can be resorted to individual methods of teaching.

While studying by this method the following order of regions may be followed:

(i) Arctic regions and hot regions.


(ii) Tropical Forests and monsoon lands.

(iii) Mid-latitude grass lands.

(iv) Regions of Mediterranean climate.

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