Method of teaching geography in schools are given below

Method of teaching geography in schools are given below:

At present geography is taught in schools on regional basis which is a scientific method and also in accordance with the psycho­logical requirements of the children.

Carl Ritter known as the ‘Father of Modern Geography” introduced this method for the first time.

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In this method the teacher is always conscious to emphasize the influence of geographical factors on human life. The following two things form the basis of these methods.

(i) Analysis and explanation of cause and effect relationship.

(ii) Study of geography from practical and utilitarian point of view.

Making proper use of this method the students can be taught various natural factors that have a bearing on human life in future life of students.


He understands the influence of various natural factors on human activities and also the extent to which such activities have been influenced by natural factors. The students at this stage also know the method of utilization of human factor for influencing natural conditions.

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