Notes on the laboratory method of teaching of geography

Laboratory method of teaching of geography:

In this method of teaching of geography subject is taught like a science subject. Certain experiments are carried out in the laboratory like Geography room.

The teacher may demonstrate any experiment and the students shall try to follow it.

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By this method it is possible to easily impart concrete experiences to students during the course of a lesson when the teacher wants to explain some abstract points. This method combines the instructional strategy of ‘information imparting’ and ‘showing how’. This method combines the advantages of both the lecture method and the demonstration method.

In this method of teaching teacher performs experiment before the class and simultaneously explains what he is doing. He also asks relevant questions from the class and students are compelled to observe carefully because they have to describe each and every step of experiment accurately and draw inferences.

After thorough questioning and cross questioning the inferences drawn by the students are discussed in the class. In this way the students remain active participants in the process of teaching.

The teacher also relates the outcome of experiment to the content of the on-going lesson. The student may be asked to observe the experiment carefully and respect it. The students may also be encouraged to do the work inde­pendently.


The knowledge that has been acquired by drawing out conclusions and finding out results is very stable and useful in future life. Students may also be asked to draw charts, maps, prepare models etc. It is also possible to explain the revolution and rotation of the earth with the help of demonstration.

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