Place of a teacher in teaching of geography

In geography teaching, teacher occupies a very important place.

Geography is a subject that involves observation and collection of data and in such a subject the role of teacher becomes very important. Geography is a art as well a science.

The practical knowledge is required at every step. In teaching of geography, maps, charts diagrams etc. form an integral part of teaching and these things can be used properly only under the guidance of a teacher.

Geography teacher resume sample

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For teaching of geography it is necessary to have direct observation of the environment and physical conditions. Students have to be encouraged for observing things by themselves and to have a proper assessment and knowledge of the subject matter.

Such a type of encouragement can be provided only by a good geography teacher. More over the knowledge of various crops and the factors essential or helpful to such crops can be clearly taught to the students only by a successful geography teacher.

A geography teacher can accomplish this task successfully if he can guide his students in a scientific and thorough manner. A teacher having certain qualities can do this job in a better way. In the following article these qualities are taken up.

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