Short Essay on the Economic Geography of North America

(a) Pacific coast of North America

The areas extending from Alaska to California afong the coastal mountain ranges of Pacific coast are now the leading source of supply of tim|*fer fo’Canada and the USA.

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The Pacific North West or the western region is the leading timber producing region of the USA which contain Douglas firs, hemlocks, Sitka spruces, cedars, etc. and in some areas enormous sequoias or redwoods in girth.


Washington and Oregon is the two largest producer of Sawnwood and Douglas tlr is the leading timber.

(b) Southern USA

i. Ranks next to Pacific coast with regard to lumbering the Pine is the most important species’

ii. Lumbering industry declined due to depletion of forests caused by the’greater demand of agricultural land and higher density and nearness to ports and consuming centres.


(c) Appalachian Hardwoods

Deciduous trees like Oak, Walnut, Chestnut, elm and poplar of this region supply useful timber.

(d) New England State

i. Highly industrialised and densely populated regions adversely affect the distribution pattern offorests.


i. Forest of this region supplies timber and pulp for paper. White pine, hemlock, spruce, fir and maple constitute the main species of this region.

(e) Canadian and Alaskan Taiga

A large extending from the Rockies to eastern Newfoundland and Nova Scotia is an important source of timber supply.

British Columbia is the most important centre, which constitutes Douglas fir, hemlock, spruce and cedar as the dominant species.

Quebec and Ontario province of eastern Canada rank first as paper and pulp producer and white spruce and white cedar are the dominant species.

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