Short Notes on Currents in the South Indian Ocean

In the South Indian Ocean, the South Equatorial Current, strengthened by its corresponding current of the Pacific Ocean, flows east to west. It turns southwards along the coast of Mozambique in Africa.

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A part from South Equatorial Current which flows between the mainland and the Island is known as warm Mozambique Current.

Further south Mozambique Current merges with the South Equatorial Current flowing past Madagascar Island and the confluence of these two currents it is called Agulhas Current. It then turns eastwards and merges with the West Wind Drift:


The West Wind Drift flows across the ocean in west-east direction in the higher latitudes to reach the southern tip of Australia. The branch of the current turns north to flow along the western coast of Australia as cold West Australian Current.

West Australian Current later joins the South Equatorial Current to complete the circuit.

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