Some Important features of a good lesson plan are as follows

Some Important features of a good lesson plan are as under:

(i) Objectives:

All the cognitive objectives that are intended to be fulfilled should be listed in the lesson plan.

(ii) Content:

The subject matter that is intended to be covered should be limited to prescribed time.

The matter must be interesting and it should be related to pupil’s previous knowledge. It should also be related to daily life situations.

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(iii) Method(s):

The most appropriate method be chosen by the teacher. The method chosen should be suitable to the subject matter to be taught. Suitable teaching aids must also be identified by the teacher. Teacher may also use supplementary aids to make his lesson more effective.

(iv) Evaluation:


Teacher must evaluate his lesson to find the extent to which he has achieved the aim of his lesson. Evaluation can be done even by recapitulation of subject matter through suitable questions.

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