The geography syllabus pattern for class vi,vii,vii

The geography syllabus pattern for class vi,vii,vii are given below:

Class VI

(i) The students be encouraged and provided opportunities for strengthening the knowledge of geography gain by them in previous years.

(ii) The following areas of study are encouraged.

(a) Importance of markets in making available the necessities of life to villages and cities.


(b) Excursion be arranged to study the geography of the country in which they live. This should include the study of land, natural vegetation, physical divisions, agriculture, means of transportation, trade, population etc.

(iii) The information about water regions of the world on globe.

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(iv) The students are told stories of discovery of different lands such as that of Columbus, Vasco-digamma, etc.


Some practical work which started in previous classes is further enlarged in this class. The students of class VI are asked to take up the following practical work:

(i) A study of physical map of the country on the basis of colour, scale, direction, distance, location of different physical regions, rivers, sea-shores etc.

(ii) Various water divisions of the world be taught with the help of models and students be made to learn about contours.

(iii) Students be given due encouragement to observe weather and its changes and be asked to maintain a weather record chart, changes in seasons etc.


Class VII

(i) This is the appropriate time to take up teaching of geography of the continent (Asia). In this study we should include land, climate, natural vegetation, physical divisions, crops, means of communication, trade, commerce and population.

(ii) Means and routes of trade between different countries of the continent.

(iii) Location of various places be taught making use of latitudes and longitudes.

(iv) The study of different agricultural products be taught with reference to Asia.

(v) Students are given enough information about the natural wealth of the continent.

(vi) Means of livelihood and trade of people of different countries of the continent should also be taught in this class.

Practical work suggested for this class be of the following type.

(i) The division of the country into different parts and the study of these parts on the map. The country in which they live be taken up for this purpose.

(ii) Weather and its study including maintaining weather chart, season chart and their effect on agriculture.

(iii) Means of communication and industry in the region be studied by organizing excursions. Students are encouraged to observe the effect of nature on the land and life of man.

Class VIII

The syllabus for Class VIII should include the following:

(i) Physical Geography:

The annual movement of earth, the weather, season, rays of sun, eclipse etc.

Formation of land, mountains, rocks, falls, plains, sea shores, currents, ebb and tide etc.

(ii) Geography of the world:

The geography of the world be taught but the basis of teaching should be the division of world on physical basis and the agricultural products of various divisions.

(iii) Study of modem life:

Under this head we include the study of modern scientific inventions and the influence of natural conditions on these inventions.

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