The importance of proper Geography room for students

For every subject a separate room is essential. For teaching literary subjects ordinary rooms may serve the purpose but for teaching of subjects like geography a separate room is essential.

Because of financial difficulties it is not possible for every school to have a separate geography room but it is desirable to have it and equip it with suitable geographical materials like maps, models, charts and other instruments.


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Geography is also a science and no course in science can be considered complete without including some practical work in it.


The practical work is to be carried out by the individuals and thus there is a need for a separate geography room. At the international seminar held at Montreal (Canada) in 1950, in which representatives from 23 countries participated it was unanimously agreed that a separate geography room is the most essential thing for effective teaching of geography.

It is not possible to make geography teaching effective without making use of maps, charts, globe etc. In the absence of a separate geography room it will be difficult to collect all these things at a place and it is practically impossible to take all these things from one place to another.

Moreover in the absence of a separate geography room teacher will not get a congenial atmosphere which is quite essential for effective teaching of geography.

Like any other science laboratory, a work shop or laboratory of geography creates a congenial atmosphere and stimulates the imagination of the students and gives them the inspiration.

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