What are the attempts that should be taken to strengthen the teaching of geography in primary level?

Attempts that should be taken to strengthen the teaching of geography in primary level:

This is the last year at the primary school and an attempt be made to strengthen the knowledge and experiences gained by the child in previous classes.


An attempt is made to give a practical bias to the teaching. Students may be asked to draw charts, maps etc. The use of text-books may be useful at this stage of education.


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More emphasis is laid on observation and practical knowledge in the examination at this stage. In the use of text books the teacher should be cautious and though he may be use the text books but teaching should not be solely based on text-book method.

The story telling method is the best method of teaching geography at this stage. The students be encouraged to acquire knowledge of different regions and places with the help of stories.


The stories may deal with the following things:

(i) Life of people of other lands.

(ii) Stories about discoveries of different lands,

(iii) Natural vegetation, mineral wealth, animal wealth of various regions and countries.

(iv) Industry and commerce of various regions and countries.

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