What are the Characteristics of Horticulture and Floriculture?

i. The market gardens are located just outside the city in suburban areas or in areas where climatic and soil conditions are particularly favourable.

ii. Farmers in these regions specialise either in particular fruits or vegetables: in certain plat combinations of both predominant.

iii. The scale of farming is small and intensive.

Roger Kehoe | Horticulture Expert

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iv. The methods employed to grow crops are generally traditional and since most of the work is done hands the fanning is labour intensive.

v. The farming is capital intensive and scientifically managed.

vi. A common feature of market gardens and truck farms is the high degree of commercialisation forj types of horticultural and olericultural products.

vii. In addition to market gardening, a modern development in the industrial regions of western Europeai North America is factory farming. Livestock, particularly poultry and cattle are raised entirely urn one cover.



i. North-western Europe: Market gardening is well developed in the densely populated industtil districts in Britain, Denmark, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands

ii. USA: North-eastern U.S. A, where the demands are very high. In the Southeast U.S. A, this type I farming is called truck farming because trucks are used to transport the fruits and vegetables fromtl| farm to the buyers.

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