What are the equipments required in your geography room?

Equipments required in your geography room are:

In addition to the things given above the geography room be provided with cupboard for storage of projecting pictures and slides.

Provisions are also made to house film strip projector, film projector and slide projector.

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For storage of rock specimen the geography room is provided with show cases. The rock specimens duly labeled is stored in those show cases. The show cases be glazed and no paralleled. Stencils of continents cut out in tin or card board or thick cloth or plywood be hung in between these cup boards.

Each geography room is provided with a strong, stable and durable teachers table. A sink may be provided on teacher’s table.

Pupil’s desk

Desks are provided for each student. Stools or chairs may be provided for each student to sit on. A tracing table is provided which should be fitted with electric bulbs and provided with a top of annealed glass. A vertical map stand is provided in a corner for displaying maps.


Map cupboards

Map cupboards are provided for storing maps. The maps are placed in these cupboards in vertically rolled maps.

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