What are the Essential Factors that Influence the Location of Paper industiries?

In general, two types of location are visible throughout the world:

(a) Raw material based paper industry.

(b) Market based paper industry.

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Basic Factors influencing the location of the industry

Raw Materials: The major raw materials necessary for paper industry are soft woods like Spruce, Cedar, Hemlock, Deodar, Eucalyptus, etc. Several pulp manufacturing units are located near the forest to get abundant supply of woods.

Transport is one of the most important determinants of paper plant location.

Energy requirement in paper plant is very high. Paper plants show an affinity in location towards cheap hydel power source.


Industrial Centres United States of America

The paper mills are more or less distributed over four principal regions. These are:

1. The North-Eastern Forest Region: This was the first centre in the United States where paper and pulp industry developed.

2. The Great Lakes Region: After the decline of New England paper industry. Great Lakes regions emerged as a leading paper producing region in the USA.


3. The Western Region: The north-western states like Washington, Oregon. Idaho, Montana and North Dakota contain a large number of mills.

4. The Southern Districts: The states engaged in paper production in this region are North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas.


The major newsprint mills are located at places like Quebec, Ontario and British Colombia. CIS

The larger concentrations of paper plants occur at Leningrad, Ivanovo, Oblast, Ural, Moscow and Ukraine.


Most of the paper mills in China are raw material oriented and located in the places of North Chin Important among these are Hankow in Yiangtze lowland, Chekiang-Kiangsi and Tientsin.


Finland is one of the largest surplus paper-producing nations in the world. The major reason behind i phenomenal growth of Finland paper industry is the vast amount of forest resource within the country.

Other Countries

The other paper producing countries in the world are India, Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Thailand in Austria, Czechoslovakia. Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, UK and Yugoslavia in Europe; Mexico ii North America and Australia

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