What are the functions of Lithosphere ?

Though the destructive activities like earthquakes and volcanoes take place in the Lithosphere, but it also performs many useful functions. Some of the important functions of Lithosphere are given below :

  • Lithosphere supports all the life which exists on earth, whether on land or in oceans.
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  • Lithosphere is a large reservoir of useful resources. For example, Lithosphere gives us minerals from which metals are extracted. These metals are then used to make various types of tools, instruments and other such items of daily use. The Lithosphere is also a store-house of fossil fuels. Thus, Lithosphere gives us fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and petroleum.
  • Lithosphere is used to grow crops which produce food for our survival.
  • Lithosphere contains large reservoirs of water like lakes, rivers and oceans which are essential for the existence and survival of life.
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