What are the Major Fishing Grounds of the World?

(a) There are five major fishing grounds of world. These are: (a) The North West Pacific Region.

On the Fishing Grounds, Sitka, Alaska, August, 2013 | Rich McClear

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i. Extends southward from the outer Aleutian Islands in the north to the central Pacific, north of the Philippine Islands.

ii. Salmon, King crab, Herring, Halibut, Alaskan pollock and Cod are the most important catch.


iii. Japan: Commercial fishing is best developed because of highly organised industry with modern fishing methods.

(b)The North East Atlantic and adjacent waters of the Arctic

i. Extending from Iceland to Mediterranean shores including the European countries especially Norway, Denmark, Spain Iceland and the United Kingdom.

ii. Shallow waters of the North Sea especially the most exploited Dogger bank are important areas where fishing is carried out all round the year.


(c) The North West Atlantic includes

i. It includes Grand Bank and the Georges Bank area of the Northwest Atlantic.

ii. The convergence of the Gulf Stream and the Labrador Current in that region enhances productivity. The major fish is the cod but halibut, squid, flounder and redfish are also important and herring andMtiackerel are caught on the surface water.

(d) The North – East Pacific


i. Extending from Alaska to California along the western shores of North America form the fourth large fishing area of the world.

ii. Salmon is the most valuabfe fish of this region but tuna, halibut and sardines also important.

iii. This fishing ground comprises the world’s best cod fishing ground along with herring and haddock.

(e) The South East Pacific

i. Lying off the coast of South America is known for the anchovy harvest off the coast of Peru.

ii. The northward flowing Peru Current provides an ideal environment for the anchovy culture because it is associated with a coastal upwelling of nutrient rich colder water laden with plankton on which the anchovy feeds.

(f) The West Central Pacific

i. Extends from the Philippines and Indonesia southward to the Australian coast.

ii. A wide variety of fish flourish in this extensive region including redfish, bass, mullet, mackeral, oyster, crabs and tuna.

iii. This area, together with the Indian Ocean, comprises a major marine environment not being fished at a maximum level.

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