What causes the reversal of N.E. Monsoon winds?

The causes of reversal of N.E. Monsoon winds and its effect on South East coast of India are:

  • Due to the northward movement the sun, the temperature stalls rising and hence reversal of N.E. Monsoon takes place due to seasonal change from winter to summer.
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  • An intense low pressure area is development which extends from Thar Desert in north west to Patna and Chottanagpur plateau in the east south east. The southern area is comparatively high pressure area.
  • The moisture laden winds are attracted towards the periphery of the trough.
  • Since Indian ocean surrounds India from three sides, the winds pick up moisture from the high pressure area lying in this ocean and travel towards land.

The influence of reversal of north east monsoon on south east coast of India is that (i) it remains dry during this period or receives scanty rainfall and (ii) rise in temperature is experienced.

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