What is the impact of geography on our lives?

Impact of on our lives are:

The study of geography influences our lives in all its fields. It is quite useful in economic research and the relationship of resources and human activities.

It provides a sound basis for techno-economic surveys which are undertaken for estimating the development potentials of resources of different states. These surveys utilize the geographical data from various branches of geography.

The knowledge of geography is also helpful to Town and Country planners because the study of past and present trends of urban structure and distribution and their findings serve a useful purpose for providing amenities to city dwellers.


In India Geographers are closely associated for preparing master plans for metropolitan cities such as Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, and Delhi.

Keeping in view the pressure of growing population on land resources most of the countries in general and India in particular have undertaken projects for survey of land use in order to avoid the misuse of land and making a proper use of idle land.

The land use map of Damoder Valley in India has been prepared on the same pattern as the land use map of Great Britain prepared by Dr. Dudely Stamp.


Another purpose that is being served by geography teaching is that it helps in solving the unemployment problem in countries all over the world. It is also useful to provide solutions to the problems of floods and draughts.

Though these problems cannot be completely overcome but mitigation due to these problems can be reduced by making proper use of the knowledge of geography.

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The knowledge of geography can also be quite helpful to planner while planning the economy of a country on regional basis.

Geography helps in elucidating and reinterpreting the complex relation between the physical environment and distribution, mode of life and economic and social activities of man.


The knowledge of geography is quite beneficial in the study of other subjects such as history, economics, sociology, commerce, agriculture etc.

Geography also has an educative value. It provides to the student a complete knowledge of natural resources of his country and those of other countries and it helps in broadening the mental attitude of the pupils and enables them to offer a critical attitude to world problems.

The study of geography also develops in the pupils the powers of observation, imagination, thinking and reasoning.

For a successful execution of a war the knowledge of geography is quite essential.

A proper study of geography can lead to a closer cooperation and better understanding among the nations of the world. Geographers have divided the world into four categories on the basis of their economic standards. These are

(i) Developed world

(ii) Socialist world

(iii) Developing World

(iv) Third world countries that have become rich due to the exploration and exploitation of mineral wealth resources, particularly oil. In this category are included gulf countries, Venezuela etc.

The developed countries are rich countries and they have surpluses which are due to the untiring efforts of its people. The developing countries are poor countries. However this division is more a man made and must be broken as early as possible.

For this a sincere effort must be made both by developed as also the developing countries. In this effort geographers can make a contribution by providing right type of geographical knowledge.

The knowledge provided by geographers is properly utilized by economists to bridge the gap between the developed and the developing countries.

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