What is the importance of note taking in teaching geography?

Importance of note taking in teaching geography are:

It is not possible-even for a brilliant boy to take full notes of a lecture-cum-demonstration lesson during the class period.

In class room the teacher say a good deal more than what a student can note down.

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Students fail to discriminate between essentials and non­essentials and it is only with a lot of practice and guidance of teacher that he learns to note down the important points of a lesson.

The best way for taking down notes for the beginners is to copy the teacher’s notes from the black board and then develop them at home. A record of the notes can be kept in any of the following two ways:

(i) The rough notes are taken down in the class and these are then noted down in a fair note book at home.

(ii) The notes are taken in a fair note book directly.


Both the above methods have some advantages. In the first method student will be able to write in fair note book neatly and would be able to draw neat and labeled diagrams. In second method the student acquires the habit of careful work and it also saves time.

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