Why Working Conditions in the Tropical Forests are Difficult?

Working conditions in the tropical forests are extremely difficult due to the following reasons:

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(i) Numerous Species: Heterogeneous characters of forests and the occurrence many different species makes the extraction and location of valuable trees difficult and expensive.

(ii) Hostile Environment: Unfavourable climatic conditions like high temperature and heavy rainfall greatly hindered lumbering in the tropical forest areas.


(iii) Lack of steady demand for Hardwood: While demand for some of the tropical hardwood is great, they are little use in pulp and papermaking. In contrast to tropical forest temperate hardwood forest are both more accessible and more easily extracted, therefore, the timbers are more readily exploitable.

(iv) Non-replacement of species: In comparison to the coniferous trees, the tropical hardwood trees are not only large but also take a long time to mature. Thus, many of the tropical forest areas are being replaced not with original species with growing conifers. This process may make the forests less valuable.

(v) Transportation: The transportation imposes a great difficulty in most of the tropical forest regions because of the fact that tropical forests are difficult to approach and the logs are too heavy to transport.

(vi) Shifting Cultivation: the activity of shifting cultivation restrict exploitation of tropical forest by degenerating forests in terms of species and also initiates soil erosion by wantion destruction of forests.


(vii) Soil erosion: In most of the tropical areas where the rainfall is usually high and the unscientific exploitation of trees for timber leads to very rapid soil erosion which, in turn, native species.

In spite of the difficulties associated with the lumbering in tropical forests, the tropical woods are gaining importance as an export item of international trade; this is because of poor and incompetent substitution by the timber of coniferous forests.

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