Give an account of the Indian National Movement from 1885 to 1905 ?

Indian National Congress, was founded in 1885.

  • The Indian National Congress, which was expected to be a good forum for the British Government to keep itself, informed regarding the best Indian Public Opinion, turned out to be a revolutionary organization leading the Indian people to independence.

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  • The Congress followed a moderate programme during the fist few years of its coming into existence but later on, criticized the policy of British rulers and assumed an aggressive character for the attainment of independence.
  • During early period of its formation, the moderates in Congress played a significant role in laying emphasis on natural unity and criticising the ‘drain of wealth’ from India.
  • In 1885, a retired English Civil Servant, A.O. Hume, played an important role in founding Indian National Congress. Later on, its organization and management passed on to the hands of leaders like Surendranath Bannerjee, M.G. Kanade, Gopal Krishna gokhate, R.C. dutt, Feroze shah Mehta etc.
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