How did the Treaty of Versailles fail to ensure justice ?

The Treaty of Versailles failed to ensure justice :

  • The terms of the Treaty were very harsh, severe, disgraceful and humiliating,
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  • The terms of Treaty were dictated by the victors on Germany. Germany was compelled to sign it by threat of invasion.
  • As a result of this Treaty, Germany was politically, socially and financially crippled and was rendered very weak.
  • The Treaty of Versailles declared Ger­many and her allies as aggressors and hence guilty of aggression.
  • Germany was forced to pay a huge sum of $6500,000,000 as war indemnity. It was deprived of its war fleet and was .allowed to maintain a very small Navy.
  • The territories and overseas colonies of Germany were taken away forcefully by the victors.
  • The Treaty of Versailles clearly shows selfish and revengeful war aims .of the allied forces.
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