How did the Treaty of Versailles fail to ensure peace ?

Failure of Treaty of Versailles to ensure peace :

  • The Republican Government of Germany was compelled to sign the Treaty of Versailles under the threat of invasion.

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  • The Treaty declared Germany and her allies guilty of aggression.
  • Many pails of the territories under German control were ceded to France, Denmark, Belgium, Poland and Czechoslovakia. The area of the Rhine valley was to be demilitarised.
  • The Treaty contained provisions for disarming Germany.
  • Germans were forced to limit the strength of their army- to 1,00,000. She was also prohibited from having any Air Force and Submarines.
  • She was dispossessed of all her colo­nies which were taken over by the-victors.
  • Germany was required to pay for the loss and damages suffered by the Allies during the War. The amount of reparation was fixed at an enormous figure of $ 6,500,000,000. These provi­sions of treaty are nothing more than humiliations and therefore it is rightly said that seeds of Second World War were sown in the First World War itself. Thus, the Treaty of Versailles failed to ensure peace.
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