How was the growth of Nationalist Move­ment in Turkey between the two World Wars ?

Growth of Nationalist Movement in Turkey between the two World Wars :

  • After the disintegration of the Ottoman empire, the Allies wanted to establish their domina­tion over Turkey and to give away some pails of Turkey to Greece and Italy.
  • India had opposed Britain’s move in the form of Khilafat movement which had merged with the Indian nationalist movement.
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    The nationalist movement in Turkey was organised to prevent the domination of the Allied Powers and the annexation of parts of Turkey by Greece and Italy.

  • A nationalist movement under the leadership of Mustafa Kamal with its Headquarters in Ankara had already begun in Turkey under the Treaty of Friendship with Soviet Government in 1921.
  • Turkey was invaded by Greece but under Kamal’s leadership, Allies were forced to repudiate the earlier treaty and withdraw from Turkish territory and the areas, which were to be annexed by European countries, remained in Turkey. Thus, Turkey was able to win her complete indepen­dence.
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