How was the growth of Socialist ideas in India during the struggle for freedom ?

Growth of Socialist Ideas in India and their influence on the Nationalist Movement :

  • The Russian Revolution had made a deep impact on the thinking of the nationalist leaders of our country. The most outstanding of these leaders was Jawaharlal Nehru, who had been influenced by the ideas of Karl Marx and other socialist thinkers.
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  • With the support of Nehru, the Congress Socialist Party was formed in 1934. It advocated the convening of a Constituent Assembly to decide the future of India and the establishment of Socialist Society.
  • The Communist Party, which had been formed in 1925, wanted the nationalist movement to be based on the economic demands of workers.
  • One of the important reasons for growth of socialist Ideas has been the great depression of 1930 which had shattered the faith of people in Capitalism. U.S.S.R. had already completed its two economic Plans successfully. This enthused the Indian thinking also for adopting socialist pattern of society.
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