How was the imperialist rivalries the cause of the Second World War ?

Imperialist rivalries the cause of the Second World War :

  • The Imperialist powers wanted to have a strong grip over new colonies in Asia and Africa. In their bid to have the control of these countries, a great deal of tension prevailed which culminated into the Second World War.
  • The rise of fascism, which believed in extension of their empire also gave rise to the Second World War. Germany had, in fact, not forgotten the most humiliating provisions of the Treaty of Versailles.
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  • In 1930, the Fascist Powers began their Wars of conquest which ultimately led to the Second World War.
  • Germany, Italy and Japan, which came be known as ‘Axis Powers’ claimed that they were fighting Communism. Many powerful people in Britain and France worked to strengthen and build up the Axis Powers with a view to an attack by them upon the Soviet Union. The policy of appeasement strengthened the Fascist Powers and led to the Second World War.
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