Information Essay on the Various Languages

Language is a system of communication through speech, a collection of sounds that a group of people understand to have the same meaning.

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i. A language family includes individual languages related through a common ancestor that existed before recorded history.

ii. Languages are of three types: Monosyllabic, Agglutinative and Inflexional.


Monosyllabic-Words have various meanings depending on the position in sentence-Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Tibetan.

Agglutinative-Words altered by prefixes and suffixes-Malay, Japanese and many African languages.

Inflexional-Flexible, modified to give the required meaning-English, French, other Indo-European language; Arabic, Urdu, Bengali and Hindi.

iii. Dialect-Form of language spoken in a local area Several Dialects derived from one language. Language groups include-


Germanic Languages

West Germanic-English.

North Germanic-Scandinavia (Swedish, Danish, Norweign, Icelandic)

East Germanic-Extinct – Gothic.


Romance Languages-From Latin by other Romans

Modern Romance-Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian correspond to boundaries of countries.

Indo Iranian languages

Indie-Bangladesh; India and Pakistan; Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kashmiri, Oriya, Sanskrit, Dravidian

Iranian – Persian, Pashtoo, Afghanistani

Balto-Slavic Languages

East Slavic – Russian, Ukrainian, Bylorussian

W and S Slavic – Polish, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian

Other Indo-European languages

Albanian, Armenian, Celtic and Greek,

Sino – Tibetan

Chinese: Mandarin, Cantonese, Characteristics – Collection of 420 one syllable words one sound to denote more than one thing, Method of writing is Ideographic

Japanese: uses phonetic symbols; Korean: Borrowed from Chinese and Japanese; Vietnamese: Largest of SE Asian – Written with Latin alphabet.

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