List of Important Sub-Races and Tribes of the World

AboroginesAustraloids, native people of Australia
A cli u aPygmy of Belgium Congo
ActaNegroid racial stock found in Philippine Islands
AinuCaucasoids of Japan
AlpineCaucasoid group of people characterised by large jaw, square chin, blue or blue-grey eye colour, very tall stature and robust and muscular body. Found in Central Europe from France to Urals.
AmerindianMongoloid racial stock distributed in various parts tff North, Middle and South America.
A r men o idCaucasoid group of people found mainly in Turkey, Syria and Palestine.
Ba-HimaHalf hamites of Uganda, they are distinctively very tall.
BantuNegritoes of Central Africa
BeduoinesPastoral tribes in Arabia, Syria and North Africa
BejaPastoral nomads living between River Nile and Red Sea
BerberCauge soids inhabiting region west of Tripoli in N. Africa
Bin dibitW. Australian tribes
B hi cli FellowAustralian aborogines
BoraInhabitants of SE Colombia and near portions of Brazil.
BuryatsCentral Asian inhabitants
BushmenA group of Negroid racial stock known as Khuai or San, confined mainly to the Kalahari desert. Characterised by presence of steatopygia.
Central MongoloidMongoloid racial stock found mainly in Siberia and Amur river and sporadically in Northern China, Mongolia and Tibet. They are represented by Buriat, Koryak, Goldl, Gilyak, etc.
ChukchiMongoloids inhabiting Chukchi Peninsula
DayakGroups inhabiting Borneo
DinaricCaucasoid group of people found in Dinaric Alps in Yugoslavia, Albania, Austrian Tyrol and sporadically in Central Europe.
Dra vidianCaucasoid racial stock in Peninsular India
EskimoMongoloids inhabiting N. Canada, Greenland Alaska and E. Siberia.
EskimoidsMongoloid racial stock distributed in northern Asia, the Arctic coast of North America, Greenland, Labrador, and Western Alaska. Represented by Eskimo, Chukchi,
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Kamtchadales, Yakuts, Samoyeds, etc.
FellahAgricultural laboufers of Nile Valley in Egypt
FiilaMixture of African negroes and Mediterranean Caucasoid in Sudan
FulaniCattle herders ofNigeria
Half lut mitesA group of Negroids they are the result of mixture of hamite with Nilotic Negro. Typical representatives of half hamites are the Masai, Suk, Nandi, Ba Hima, etc.
HamitesCharacterised by reddish brown to blackish brown skin colour, curly to wavy black to dark brown hair, long oval face and slender built, are found in Ethiopia, North-Eastern Africa, and Arabia.
HanHan tribals, original inhabitants ofNigeria
HausaOriginal inhabitants of China
HottentotsA group of Negroid racial stock known as Khoi Khoi found in South West Africa. Their distinctive feature is the marked presence of steatopygia.
IncaInhabitants of Peru in Kulko Valley
Indo-Dra vidianCharacterised by brown to dark brown skin colour, black and wavy hair, are medium statured Caucasoid people distributed in South ar.d Central India.
lnnuitEskimos of N. America
JacundaInhabitants of Brazil
JarawaInhabitants of Andaman
KafirInhabitants of S. African temperate lands
KamasinSamoyeds inhabiting the northern part of Yenneissey in Siberia
KamhaBantus of Central Kenya
KarakalpakInhabitants occupying region around Aral Sea
KaraitkawaInhabitants of Gulf Coast in Texas (USA)
Karod KirghizInhabitants resembling the Kirghiz in and around Tien Shan and Pamir
KelticCaucasoid group of people Found in Iceland, Scotland and Wales.
KikuyuAgricultural tribes of Kenya belonging to Negroid racial stock
KirghizInhabitants of the Steppes of Central Asia who rear horses
KubuInhabitants of Sumatra
KumasoInhabitants of Kyushu islands in Japan
KurdA nation in many countries – Iran, Iraq, Armenia, Turkey, Syria and Ajerbaijan whose main activity is pastoral nomadism.
LappCaucasoid group of people found in Northern Scandinavia, Sweden, Northern Finland, Norway and northwestern region of Russia.
MaoriOriginal inhabitants of New Zealand
MasaiNegroids of Kenya and Tanzania living around Lake Victoria
NavajoIndian inhabitants of Arizona and New Mexico”
NegritosGroup of oceanic negroes represented by Asiatic pygmies {Andamanese, Semang,
Aeta,) and oceanic pygmy (Tapiro).
NesiotsMongoloid racial stock with black hair, colour with occasionally reddish tint, light red- brown to medium brown and usually slightly wavy hair. They are found in Southern China, Indo-China, Burma, Thailand and the interior of Malaya Archipelago.
Nilotic Negroes.A group of negroid distributed in the region of upper Nile Valley and Eastern Sudan.
NordicCaucasoid group of people found in Baltic region, Northern Germany, Northern France, parts of Netherlands and Belgium.
PapuanNegroids of Papua New Guinea
ProspectatorsFound in South Italy, Sicily, Spain west coast of Britain and east coast of Ireland.
Pyrenianfound concentrated in the north of Spain represented by the Spanish Basque.
SamoyedInhabitants of Tamyr Peninsula and the coastal regions of white and North Sea
SemangGroup of negroes having a well proportioned sturdy built body with inesocephalic head, round face, short flattened and very broad nose but without thick everted lips, found in Malayan Peninsula and East Sumatra.
Semite.Characterised by fine narrow nose with straight or convex profile, long elliptical face and jet black hair, found throughout South-West Asia, East and North Africa, etc. They belong to two groups – Bedouines in northern Arabia, and Himyarite in Southern

Arabia.ShanInhabitants of S. China, Assam, MyanmarSwahiliBantu speaking people in Zanzibar and nearby regionsTapiroNegroid people living in New Guinea.TatarsSiberian inhabitantsTehuelcheMongoloid people characterised by very tall stature, square broad face, brownish skin colour and straight black hair. Found in Patagonia and represented by Onas of Tierra del Fugo.True NegroesA subtype of Negroes found in West Africa and in Guinea Cast.TungusMigratory tribes of E SiberiaVeddaShort statured inhabitants of Sri Lanka with the smallest headsXincaZuks lila people in Cape province of AfricaYugeerNomads of NE AsiaYuitInhabitants of Siberia and St. Lawrence island of AlaskaYurukNomads of Anatolia plateauZuluBantu speaking people of S. Africa’s Cape Province.

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