Short Notes on Non-aligned Move­ment

In the words of our ‘first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, non-aligned means “na­tions which object to lining up for war purposes, to military blocs, to military alliance and the like”. It is not merely a policy of non-involvement with military blocs but a policy for creating world peace. India played a pioneering role in making non-alignment a major force in the world.

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Main objectives of non-alignment: The main objectives of non-alignment are :

  • to liquidate colonialism and imperialism in all their forms
  • to establish world peace and ensure peaceful coexistence between nations
  • to condemn racial discrimination
  • to oppose military alliance
  • to follow policy of disarmament
  • to have respect for human rights
  • to establish economic relations be­tween nations based on equality and free from exploitation.
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