What are the causes of the Second World War ?

Main causes of the Second World War :

The seeds of Second World War were sown at the end of the First World War itself. The humilia­tions that Germany had to suffer were sufficient indications for the eruption of such a war at some future date. The main causes of Second World War are given below:

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  • Unjust Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles, which was concluded at the end of the First World War was very unjust. The treatment meted out to Germany, Austria, Hungary and Turkey was revengeful, therefore it was resented by Germany and her allies.
  • Rise of Fascism. Rise of fascist powers in Germany, Italy and Japan led to Second World War. Nazies in Germany and fascists in Italy loved glorified war. They believed in expansion of their empire.
  • Insult hurled on Germany by France. Soon after First World War, France humili­ated Germany at every step. So Germany wanted to retaliate.
  • Western Policy of Appeasement. The western powers adopted a policy of appeasement towards Germany, Italy and Japan. They encouraged them to adopt war-like tendencies. They did not check them in the beginning as it would have harmed their own interests.
  • Italian Invasion of Ethiopia. It also increased tension among European countries which became a re son for the Second World War.
  • Failure of the League of Nations. The League of Nations was set up to maintain peace in the world and to avoid another World War after the First World War. But it proved quite weak and failed to achieve its main objective of maintaining peace. The weakness of League of Nations encourage different powers to settle their difference through war.
  • The other reasons for Second World War were:
  • German invasion of Poland in 1939 and America can absence from European politics. In fact it encouraged France to humiliate Germany.
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