What are the causes responsible for national awakening among the people of Asia and Africa after the Second World War?

The following factors were responsible to raise the national awakening among the people of Asia and Africa after the Second World War :

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  • Economic exploitation of Asia and Africa. The European Imperialist powers upon their colonies as personal property and exploited the people for their own benefit. This led to a lot of unrest and discontentment.
  • Setback suffered by imperialist power during the Second World War. During the Second World War, most of the European Imperialist countries had been ousted from their colonies. Their economies had shattered. They, therefore, could not keep the rest of the occupied colonies under their control.
  • Emergence of the Soviet Union and other Socialist Countries as a major force. The Soviet Union and other socialist countries were against imperialism. So these powerful socialist
    countries gave help to the freedom movements in Asia and Africa.
  • Change in the international situation racial discrimination, support of the rising countries and effort of the United Nations Organisation were also some important factors which led to national awakening among the people of Asia and Africa.
  • Support of the independent countries. The independent big countries of Asia and Africa supported the freedom movements in other dependent countries.
  • The people of Asia and Africa resolved to become fully Independent. War aims of the Allies for freedom and democracy had aroused the national consciousness in the colonies.
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