What are the circumstances that lead to the partition of India in 1947 ?

Circumstances leading to Partition of India in 1947.

  • The Muslim League and Mr Jinnah were bent upon having Pakistan, as a separate nation for Muslims. They conspired with British Govern­ment to divide India into India and Pakistan.
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  • There were communal riots everywhere in the country. Politics based on this theory led to tragic incidents and ultimately the partition of the country.
  • In fact, the Muslim League was encouraged by the British Government to press its demand for a separate State and played the game of British imperialism which had the effect of disrupting and weakening the movement for independence.
  • When the Congress withdrew from the Provincial Governments in protest against British Government’s attitude to the demand for independence, the Muslim League celebrated the incident as ‘Deliverance Day’ and tried to form ministries in these provinces.
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