What are the circumstances which led to the Partition of India in 1947 ?

Partition of the country was unavoidable.

The following factors and circumstances were responsible for the Partition of India in 1947.

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  • The opinion in India had grown hostile to the British Government after 1945. The people, the army, the navy and the police were up in arms against the Government and openly defied its authority.
  • The Muslim League and Mr. Jinnah were bent upon having Pakistan. They were in conspiracy with the British Government and Govern­ment was in favour of dividing India by giving them Pakistan.
  • There were communal riots all over the country after Second World War. The Muslim League was observing ‘Direct Action Day’ and causing disturbances wherever it could. Law and order gradually lost their hold. This necessitated the division of India into two nations.
  • The Muslims demanded that the ar­eas, in which Muslims are numerically in a majority, be grouped to constitute independent State called Pakistan.
  • The Muslim League was encouraged by the British Government to form its demand for a separate State and played the game of British imperialism.
  • Under such circumstances both the Muslim League and Congress accepted the partition plan. India was divided into two Independent Dominions under the British Commonwealth of Nations.
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